Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association (FSGA)

About The FSGA
The Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association is recognized as an exempt 501(c)(6) organization by the IRS.

Our Mission
To support fantasy sports, sports gaming, and new forms of fan engagement.

Our Vision
Connecting fans to the sports they love.

Our Values

  • Pro-business: the support of an environment that is good for business development
  • Embrace Innovation: to welcome new and novel ideas
  • Future-focused: to set long-range goals that fuel today’s decisions and actions
  • Support Legal Game Play: the encouragement of lawful participation in sports gaming
  • Consumer Protection: dedicated to protection of our customers

Our Legislative Agenda
The FSGA measures all fantasy legislation by 3 core principles.

  • Fantasy sports is a game of skill and should not be confused with gambling
  • Basic consumer protections that are free of substantial regulatory burdens
  • Fee structures (licensing, renewals, taxes) that are affordable for operators of all sizes

With the addition of “sports gaming” being added to our core focus in 2019, the FSGA considers the legislative splitting of fantasy sports from sports betting its key area of focus, encouraging the two product-offerings to be clearly defined and separate from one another. We also encourage the allowance of digital (non-land-based) gaming platforms that allow people to play on fantasy sports or sports betting platforms wherever they desire, outside a physical location. To learn more about our legislative agenda and to track our efforts, speak with someone from our legislative affairs committee.

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