Jonathan Baha’I

Jonathan Baha’I

Founder and president , Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association

Founder of the Peerplays Blockchain and President of the Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association

Jonathan Baha’i is an entrepreneur with 25+ years experience, and the founder of a number of tech companies which today focus primarily on blockchain technology. As Founder of the Peerplays blockchain, home of decentralized sports betting exchange BookiePro, and other exciting esports/streaming-related decentralized applications he has become the foremost authority in the space of provably fair gaming and all things blockchain gaming. Founding the first ever publicly traded blockchain development company in Canada, eXeBlock Technology Corp, he has continued to be at the forefront of innovation. 

Sought by the Federal Government of Canada to speak at the Public Policy Forum as the keynote in Blockchain 101, followed numerous appearances on CNBC, TD Ameritrade, IDEAs, the Mindas Report, and various popular YouTube channels, Mr. Baha’i has spoken on matters relating to blockchain industry news and helped provide insights into this new emerging technology. In addition to these appearances, he has sat on various panels as a thought leader in decentralized public blockchains, and has given numerous presentations on cutting edge blockchain gaming applications both at home and around the world.



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