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Updated: Feb 24, 2021

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In the sea of conventions and conferences, the CEC stands out. Esports has been steadily growing in the public consciousness. Businesses are taking note of the amount of money it generates; venues are noticing that XR (the umbrella category that covers all the various forms of computer-altered reality, including: Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR).) represents a new stream of revenue; and colleges are waking up to the fact that esports represents a viable career path for their students that needs to be addressed within their curriculum.

Despite the explosive growth of the industry, venues are struggling to figure out how to monetize this new technology. Although some casinos have put a toe in the water by producing a single tournament here and there, they often found that they were unable to turn a significant profit and wrote off the whole idea as unviable. This approach to incorporating esports is destined to fail because capturing this market requires an authentic understanding of the esports, new technology, and the communities which develop around it. What sets the CEC apart is its laser focus on educating venues on the technology and communities of the new era so that a sustainable and effective plan to incorporate them becomes possible.

Adding game diversity to ensure continued consumer appeal

The CEC has been around a while, with 2020 as its fourth year. It began life as the Casino Esport Conference, and originally focused solely on educating casino executives on how to incorporate esports into their business models to capture the emerging millennial market. This year marks a turning point for the conference. While it very much still includes casinos, the CEC has now expanded to include other venues such as cinemas and colleges. It has also expanded its definition of esports to include all of XR.

The expanded focus of the CEC has attracted the attention of key players in the emerging market. Panelists for the 2020 conference include Ted Schilowitz, Futurist from Paramount Pictures; Frank Ng, CEO of Allied Esports; Christopher Crescitelli, Founder of Dreamland XR and Jon “J” Moses, Director of Take-Two Interactive. There are also panelists from major casinos - significantly tribal casinos - such as Robert Soper, President and CEO of Sun Gaming and Hospitality; and Ernest Stevens III, COO of WEBE Worldwide.

Also greatly expanded will be the CEC’s exhibition area. There will be an entire section devoted to technological entertainment, as well as equipment providers from the likes of Panasonic’s System Solution Company, Next Gaming, and Battle Company. There will be a major collegiate esport tournament hosted by 8-Bit UNLV esport team and Allied Esports held during the CEC to provide a first-hand look at an esport happening.

In Closing

There are other conferences which nod towards esports, but there is no other conference that has the engagement of industry leaders in esports, includes cinema and collegiate topics, and truly educates executives and companies who are shaping the future of the gaming industry than the CEC.

The 2020 CEC will take place September 8-10 in the Luxor Las Vegas. Registration and Exhibition information can be found at

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