Thinking Outside the Traditional Casino Box: Creating a hybrid eco-system

September 05, 2019

This talk will begin to talk about what is needed to create the NEW casino for the future. As casino revenue on gambling decreases and hospitality and entertainment rises what can be done to level it out. This talk will cover new ideas and concepts that casinos can try to bring in more people that never would normally come to a casino for that particular type of entertainment. How eSports might fit within a land-based casino's strategies to expand its customer base, including in relation to other gaming, non-gaming, and under-21 amenities.



  • What new games/entertainment will there be?
  • What will the overall experience be like?
  • What are we talking about here, 3d screens, lasers, VR?
  • Can any of this be gamblified?

Learning Outcomes:

  • An arcade for adults for the future
  • Touch, feel and connect to a technical wonderland
  • Make an experience a wow factor to bring the people back again and again
Kathryn Rand, Co-Director - Institute for the Study of Tribal Gaming Law
Steve Light, Co-Director - Institute for the Study of Tribal Gaming Law



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