Facilitating esports at your property: The nuts and bolts

September 05, 2019

Tournaments take a lot of preparation to deliver a fast class event. This session will look at what is expected at a tournament. Will the focus be entertainment, wagering or peer-to-peer play? What else besides a tournament should be included as part of the entertainment aspect?  


There is no question that inclusion of esports in your property is going to require some investment in infrastructure.  In order to avoid unnecessary costs, you will need to know how to do the most with the least amount of capital investment. What is needed for your property? Is investment in an esport lounge or arena like Caesar’s Hyperx arena in Las Vegas the right way to go? What is the best way to design your space for gamers? What should it look like? In this track, we will explore different strategies for infrastructure creation including an analysis of hardware equipment, software, how to design the space, how to stave off cheating and hacking and the type of staff necessary to help.


  • Understanding the gamers’ choice in hardware and accessories
  • The hardware sponsor opportunities for your property
  • Developing a secure system to allow for uninterrupted and fair tournaments
  • Who should I hire as my Tournament Operator?
  • What makes a good tournament venue and when is the best time to host an event?
  • What are my visitors expecting and what are my players expecting at my event?
  • Marketing – how do I reach the target audience?
  • How do I make sure the event runs smoothly on the day?


Learning outcomes:

  • Identifying the right equipment for your space
  • How to ensure that your property stays secure, especially if you are introducing iGaming
  • Where in your casino would be the best place for gamers
  • Where to find and hire a TO
  • Finding what esports communities are in your region
  • The importance of a good customer experience to success future events



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