October 7 & 8, 2021

(All Times are Pacific Standard Time)




Esports, Gaming, gaming and Video Gaming: Where are we now?

• What we have learned

• Planning for future lockdowns

• Mapping plans for the future

• Examining the data


Cryptocurrencies and NFT's

• How cryptocurrency fits into this conversation

• The effect of cryptocurrencies on gaming in the future


The Appropriate Way to Approach Esports and the Video Gaming Culture

• Becoming part of the gaming community

• The importance of community to the gaming culture

• Incorporating betting into the gaming culture


Jumping the hurdle of legal issues specific to gambling and esports gaming

• Challenges and opportunities in working with gaming publishers

• Can the gambling industry make their own games

• Bringing together casinos and gaming with video gaming communities


Online betting and esports

• The state of the market today

• The companies that have the biggest customer base and how they have gotten there

• The future of online esports betting


Current esport and video gaming regulations

• States and countries which offer esports wagering?

• Examining the data on betting in esports

• The challenges of in-game betting

• Regulations governing esports


Beyond esport tournaments: focusing-in on the brick and mortar casino and Immersive Experience

• How technology and immersive experiences can help your property

• Immersive experiences available now for brick &
mortar casinos


Marketing through video gaming and esports

• ESA's average age of a gamer

• Changing Gen-Z & Millenial's views of the casino as a place for older people

• How to attract a younger demographic


Crypto and Payment systems: their development and future

• How to use crypto for your business

• Uses of crypto besides payments

• Benefits of current systems and moving future current payment systems


Artificial Intelligence

• Google's Deep Mind

• How AI can help the gaming and video gaming business

• Using AI to help the casino operator


AR/VR and MX

• What is the meta verse and how it can change gaming

• Using AR/VR and MX for online gambling and esports


Marketing to Gamers

• The first step towards marketing to gamers

• The best way to join a community of gamers


Why conventional sports teams are getting into esports and why you should too

• Why are NFL and NBA teams partnering with esports companies

• Adopting the best of what works


Is there a collaboration gap between video gaming publishers and the gambling industry

• What video games are bet on the most and why?

• What are the issues betwwen publishers and gambling and how do you overcome these issues, is there are stigma or fear?

• Can there be a monetary answer to working with publishers, if so how much of the pie would they want for their IP?

• What are the legal concerns for gaming publishers and how can the gambling industry address them?


What crossovers do casinos have now that can be used to build a younger audience

• Using poker and video gamings to reach different age groups

• Using your poker database to attract new fans to esports

• Introducing modern digital card games