Wednesday, March 23

10:00 AM - The current state of Esports in the casino, college, finance, and globally.

     • What companies are publicly traded esports and what is their current status

     • What stories of success/failures have there been in casinos experimenting in esports

     • How has esports grown as a "sport" in the college ranks and beyond

11:00 AM - Casino/Igaming Regulatory updates on Esports and video gaming.

     • What states have passed laws on wagering on esport events

     • Will casinos adopt peer to peer wagering

     • With certain states adopting esports wagering what are the revenues so far?

     • What are the revenues from the dark market sector?

12:00 PM - Cryptocurrencies used in Esports and Video Gaming, is there a Gambling fit?

     • How does a casino adopt crypto and should they create their own?

     • What video gaming/esports platforms use crypto today?

     • There are multiple cryptocurrencies that are the best for a casino to accept as payment and why?

1:00 PM - Lunch Break / Floor Time

2:00 PM - How NJ dealt with their age limit law on Esports tournaments and participants? 

     • Why does the age of the player matter?
     • What is the reasons you should not approve wagering in your jurisdiction
     • What are the reasons that you should approve wagering?

3:00 PM - What else do gamers enjoy? Let's talk about tabletop games.

     • How can your casino adopt games like "Magic the Gathering" and "gablify" them

     • What about electronic card games like Hearthstone and Gods Unchained?

     • What are the numbers behind electronic and tabletop card games, should a casino get involved with it?

4:00 PM - Colleges and Esports the way wagering platforms see the bigger picture.

     • The Rising Sport on campus is Esports what does this tell us about how casinos should set up wagering for college Esports?

     • Who are the best professional teams in esports and how are they ranked through the wagering platforms

     • Where is the money in wagering on esports? How much do bookies see and why are they investing in it?

5:00 PM KEYNOTE - A Fire Side Chat

6:00 PM Mixer TBA

Thursday, March 24

10:00 AM - Marketing to a younger demographic, Does the casino market measure up?

     • The opinion of a Millennial and Gen-Z on what a casino means to them

     • How do we change the narrative at a casino venue and the casino's online platform to attract a younger demographic

     • Does a casino have a stigma that it cannot reinvent itself?

11:00 AM - Metaverse how will it affect B&M casinos and their online platforms?

     • Igaming is still not adopted in all states and now the talk of a Metaverse emerges?

     • Are casinos and their business model just to old to keep up with technology's frantic pace?

     • What should a casino do to make changes today before it is too late?

12:00 PM - Lunch Break / Floor Time

1:00 PM Roller coasters and attractions for casino guests what is available now?

     • VR/AR and mix reality on property

     • VR/AR and mix reality as a means for gambling?

     • Holograms and other "cool" stuff

2:00 PM - Collaboration gap between video gaming publishers & the gambling industry

     • What video games are bet on the most and why?

     • What are the issues between publishers and gambling and how can we overcome them, is there a stigma or fear?

     • Can there be a monetary answer to working with publishers, if so how much of the pie would they want for their IP?

     • What are the legal concerns for gaming publishers and how can the gambling industry address them?

3:00 PM - How to connect esports online to your brick and mortar.

     • What ideas are there for you to offer your online guests to bring them into the brick and mortar

     • Events and entertainment for a younger demographic. Music, video gaming conventions, and other ideas

     • How should you market these ideas

4:00 PM - Should my casino offer NFT's as prizes or winnings?

     • What does this mean for my casino and how much does it cost for an NFT

     • Why are NFTs so popular?

     • The value to a younger generation of an NFT

     • Should my casino offer a crypto exchange?

5:00 PM - Payment systems and how they can help you adapt to a fast-moving pace

     • What are the current payment systems being used today - Cashless was adopted because of the Pandemic

     • Does the absents of cash hurt or help the casino industry

     • Are casinos and their current governing bodies slow to adopt more modern types of digital currencies

     • Mapping the future of a casino and what it will look like in the near future


March 23 & 24

(All Times are Pacific Standard Time)